Asbestos removal in South Africa is a highly monitored industry, Therefore all our asbestos roofing work are carried out in terms of the dept of labour asbestos regulations, 2001 occupational health and safety act, 1993 (Act no.85)

Asbestos is a natural and highly dangerous mineral fibre that can cause life threatening illnesses. As a result, the once popular building material has been banned. Therefore, leaving behind many buildings containing the dangerous asbestos roofing.

Asbestos is not identified by just looking using your eyes it requires professionals (such as our company) that have received specialised training and have the necessary experience to do the proper risk assessment, so that you can have peace of mind that comes with knowing that both you and your loved ones are protected from the threat that asbestos contamination poses. Therefore, we complete our asbestos roofing work safely and correctly.

MG Roofing pride itself on going the extra mile in all roofing projects, as a result, to stand out from the rest.