MG Roofing has been installing commercial and residential roofs for many years and we are extremely proud of our reputation as being a leader in this sector in Cape Town.

We are accustomed to repair and install roofs of a wide range; Kliplock, Saflock, Diamondek, Corrugated, IBR, Everrite sheeting, Asbestos, Tile, Slate, Flashings, Gutters and Fascias, Box gutters etc. the list goes on.

Whatever your roofing requirements are, our highly experienced team can handle projects of all scales and no roofing task is too large or to small, regardless of the style and design.

We bring a guarantee to never cut corners on workmanship or compromise on quality materials. We are committed to safety and our standards are second to none.

We are happy to help you choose the best type and style of roof for your home and can assist in the fine detail, from the colour to the material used.

Our in-depth experience in this field means at the end of the day, each and every customer ends up with a roof they are delighted with and one that will last them for many decades to follow.