Most people don’t want to spend their weekend climbing a ladder, putting themselves at a potentially dangerous situation just to clean out their gutters-that’s why we, MG Roofing specialist, a professional roof gutter cleaning company, are here to help with our experienced, providing affordable roof gutter cleaning services in Cape Town.

Most home owners know the importance of gutter cleaning, however, chooses to ignore this as it’s not something you see every day. This is not usually on top of your to-do list.

Regular gutter maintenance is vital part of your housekeeping and can save you thousands in the long term if they are regularly maintained. Gutter blockages can cause leaks, blocked drains, rotten timber, rusted gutters, bacteria and insect infestation and more. Thus, hiring a professional roof gutter cleaning specialist in Cape Town is very important.

Ladder falls are the most common injury in a household, and this can be avoided by hiring a professional roof gutter cleaning company like MG Roofing specialist. We offer an affordable, quick and thorough roof gutter sealing and cleaning process which will leave your gutters waterproofed and flowing properly at an affordable price.